About the Company

Situated in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, The Black Bear Micro Roastery is an authentic micro-roastery; small, dedicated, and highly focused on quality. Three years of hard research went into the formation of this unique company. The BlackBear Micro Roastery blends advanced technology with traditional Yankee work ethics to produce outstanding coffee. Simply put, the big companies won't produce the product that we produce, because high quality and high volume just don't mix. On the other hand, most small companies don't achieve high quality consistently, because they don't employ all of the technology that is indispensable for the highest quality.

Our Promise

We, Annie and Jim Clark, live by traditional New Hampshire work values to produce an honest product of exceptionally high quality.  We will not compromise our product for the sake of profit.  We have combined the latest technology with a good dose of common sense to take our precious coffee beans where few others can.   Every aspect of our tiny operation has been givin careful consideration, and is dedicated to the pursuit of the finest specialty coffee possible.  We unconditionally guarantee our products, including all shipping costs!