The proper way to measure coffee is by weight. If you are really serious about coffee, then you should invest in a scale that can weigh small portions of coffee accurately. A good scale is indispensable when blending your own coffee in small amounts, unless you want to spend a lot of time counting coffee beans.

Let us start by addressing one of the biggest points of confusion in the world of coffee. Many individuals within the specialty coffee industry labor under the misconception that the freezing of roasted coffee beans will adversely affect the fats that are present, in a manner that is similar to the freezing of cream. This is completely false.

Americans grow up with the belief that one of those "inalienable rights" referred to in the Declaration of Independence is the right to a cheap cup of coffee ...

Our coffee is roasted in a "hot air - refractory lined" roaster with an extraordinary level of control. A computer program controls a "fully modulated" burner. The power output of a modulated burner can be completely regulated. Many small coffee roasters use a single or two stage burner which offers very little control during the roasting process.