Green Bean Purchasing and Storage

Green Bean Purchasing

What makes us different from the larger roasters is the way we purchase our green beans. The beans we purchase have arrived in the United States and have been professionally evaluated for taste characteristics. We do not buy on speculation, that is, we don't buy future contracts of coffee consignments that haven't even been harvested yet. We select our beans only from crops that have been harvested and thoroughly evaluated for "cup quality" ... taste. We purchase a year’s supply of any given variety when it is at its peak, which only occurs once a year. Our method of purchasing means we have to pay top dollar, but we are paying for a proven product of known high quality.

Green Bean Storage

Purchasing the highest quality green beans would go for naught if they aren’t stored in perfect conditions. High heat and humidity will damage green beans. Important chemical compounds in green beans will degrade rapidly in a hot, humid environment. High quality green beans must be properly taken care of to insure high quality roasted coffee. We store all of our green beans in a refrigerated storage room where the temperature is kept at 47 degrees Fahrenheit, and the relative humidity is maintained at 54%.